Our story

I like to clean. There - I've said it. I'm a self-proclaimed neat freak and I'm proud to admit it. Meticulous? You bet. My perfect world is dust free; shirts are clean and crisp, and each night I'd bask in the glory of falling asleep to the feeling of freshly pressed linens on my bed. Hey, everyone has their thing, right? But I like to do other things, too. I like to spend time with my family, I like to cook, I like to read, I like to fly airplanes, and in general, I like to save the world on a Saturday morning - all in my free time.

Washport was born one Friday evening in London when I had planned to take my wife out on a dinner date. We were two professionals living abroad, and we were very much looking forward to a night out. Our young son was tucked away in his crib, the babysitter had arrived and my wife was on her way home from work. I was ready to roll. That is, until I realized I didn't have a single clean shirt left hanging in my closet. It was a fail of epic proportions. Yes, it's true, somehow between work and doing all of the other things I love to do in life, laundry, or even the simple act of picking up my shirts at our local dry cleaner, had slipped through the cracks that week. I began thinking about how antiquated the process of managing a home's laundry really was. Who has time to make an extra trip to the cleaner's, and who wants to spend a Saturday morning waiting for the laundry cycle to finish at home? Don't we all have better things to do? An idea was born. I would develop a trustworthy, efficient and economical way to manage a home's laundry. And my wife would never again face being seen with a husband wearing a wrinkled shirt. Ever.

Introducing Washport. Your laundry, professionally cleaned and handled with care. Delivered to your door at the push of a button or a swipe of your smartphone. And remember, this is the twenty-first century. Our modern facilities and state of the art inventory and delivery software ensure that we never miss a beat (or a smelly sock, for that matter). After all, we're perfectionists and we simply can't help ourselves. At Washport, we won't rest unless every detail of our cleaning and delivery process is beautifully and meticulously presented to you. As your personal self-proclaimed neat freak, you have my word.

Reclaim your Saturdays, and let's get back to spending time doing what we love.

Yours Sincerely,

Raoul S. Bocchi