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Signing up is easy and takes less than 3 minutes. You can do it yourself online on our website or we can do it for you over the phone on (646) 681-4232.
If you already have our Starter Kit at home, nothing. You’re all set to place your first order! If not, then one of our chauffeurs will drive to your place and leave our Starter Kit in the mailbox. Our exclusive Starter Kit includes a white wash bag for all laundry, a navy blue ‘smart bag’ for more care sensitive items for dry cleaning (which also converts into a clothes carrier), and a hamper, made to measure to accommodate our smart dry cleaning bag.
Orders are automatically charged to your credit card before delivery. So to speed things up, we’ll ask you for your credit card information once when you sign up and we never have to worry about it again.
It depends where you live. We serve most ZIP codes Monday through Friday. Some we only serve on selected weekdays. For an up-to-date overview please click here.
Of course. You can change your Service Plan as you seem fit. To do so, simply log into your Account Information section and click on the 'Modify' button.
Unless you’re downgrading to the A-la-Carte Plan, all your laundry credit will simply be transferred to the new Plan, up to the maximum amount allowed under the new Plan.
Laundry credits cannot be rolled over into the next billing period, so make sure you use them all.
Even if you go over the monthly allotment, we will always charge the same price for any extra pound of laundry. Example: let’s assume you are enrolled in our Executive Plan which costs $1.99 and comes with 0 lbs. of laundry included. At the end of the third week you realize that you used up the 0 lbs. already. Unless you switch Plan we’ll keep charging you $1.99 for any extra lb. above and beyond your monthly quota until renewal.
Not at all. You decide what bags you want to set out for collection. It can be laundry only (that’s the white bag), dry cleaning only (that’s our blue ‘smart bag’) or both. The choice is entirely up to you.
Not at all. Our chauffeurs will pick up and drop off your laundry even if no one's at home. We can even collect and deliver your laundry right from/to your garage if you leave us the code. This way you'll know your garments are safe and they will stay dry in case of rain or snow. If however, you want to meet us when we deliver your order, you can select a time window when you know you will be at home. It doesn't get more convenient than that!
Not yet. We are working on add-on services like these but for now we’re unable to offer tailoring services.
Yup. With the exception of a few things, we'll clean pretty much any type of laundry, including baby clothes and stuffed toys. However, we have to decline the following items: handkerchiefs, diapers, heavily soiled items (engine oils, animal dirt, etc.), rugs, carpets, pet mats, upholstery, and curtains.
No. In order to keep our prices as low as possible we also need to operate as efficiently as possible. So we'll be happy to pick up your unused kit items on your next order.
All items are carefully sorted and inspected before being processed. Darks, greys, whites, delicates, cottons, shirts, synthetics, flats and undergarments are all washed separately. Shirts are pressed with brand-new, top of the line, modern equipment, hand finished and returned to you on hangers.
Sure. If you want, you can give us special instructions where to pick-up and deliver your clothes (in your garage, vestibule, etc.), so you know they’re in good hands at all times. Simply fill out the appropriate field in step 2 of the sign up process and our driver will follow your instructions.
Absolutely not. In order to achieve only the best results we neither use net bags (unlike our competitors!) nor do we mix up your "wash & fold" laundry with anyone else's. So your clothes are treated just as they would be at home.
Sure. Our staff goes a long a way trying to fold all items together that belong to various household members. This way, your son’s socks will never be mixed up with your husband’s!
Absolutely. Your credit card details are saved on Authorized.net’s servers, not ours. Authorized.net is owned by VISA and is the world’s biggest and safest payment processor. Washport staff doesn’t have access to your data because we don’t store it in the first place!
Yes. We take the utmost care to do the best job we can. In the very unlikely event that we screw things up, we'll reimburse you for the value of your garment. Please read our T&C section for further details.
We would hate to see you go. But if you really want (or need to) here's how to do it. Be sure to be enrolled in our A-la-Carte Plan. Then collect all your Kit Items (if you're not sure what those are, please consult our Laundry Kit Deposit Program page), place a pickup request as you would normally do and put them out as usual. Our driver will collect them and close the account.
Absolutely. Simply send us a short note to a hello@mywashport.com and we'll inform our drivers to leave an extra bag for you.
Please do. And as a thank you we’ll issue a 20% discount coupon that will be automatically applied to your next order1.
To refer a new customer, log into your account and select how you want your friend(s) to know about Washport: through Facebook, Twitter or with a personalized email.

1 Applies to Premium Items only (pressed shirts and dry cleaning)

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